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Nonprofit Partnerships, Scale, and the Question of Effectiveness in Financial Capability Programs

This report is based on a 2017 study funded by JP Morgan Chase Global Philanthropy


Financial Case management and the Household Cash Flow Model

This article introduces the concept of data assisted financial coaching using OPTAMetrics


Financial Profile of Low Income Households: An In Depth Look

A report on LIFT-Los Angeles Financial Coaching Program


Accelerating Savings Among Low Income Households

Article Published in A Fragile Balance; Emergency Savings and Liquid Resources for Low-Income Households, Michael J. Collins (editor), Palgrave Macmillan, pp 153-174


Scholars Savings Program

A Project of El Monte Promise Foundation, complete report on the design of the Scholars Savings Program in El Monte California


Impact Savings

Savings Accelerator Accounts Program Participants Survey Results


Decision Risks and Individual Development Accounts: An Alternative Approach

Article Published in Journal of Income Distribution, 2009, Vol.18, issue 2, pp 142 – 159