IDAX is a unique database system that offers a full range of capabilities for managing a variety of IDA programs.

IDAX is designed by industry experts with hands on experience in managing IDA programs. As such, certain capabilities are uniquely designed to address circumstances that are not generally possible in other systems, they include client orientation, comprehensive training, scheduling and tracking.

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IDAX Features

Multi Grant

Manage multiple grants from the same or different sources.


Track and collect data for activities related to funds drawn, reserve funds, participant data, savings activity, match distribution and participant training.

Visual Setup

Network and single agency projects can define programmatic details of every IDA grant they manage.

Asset Purchase Checklist

Verify if a participant has met all program requirements before processing a match request. In handling asset purchases, the system allows for canceling records of previous match requests and updates all records and even reports according to changes made to asset purchases and match distribution.

Leave Of Absence

Participants can take time off from saving.


Monitor account withdrawals that are not authorized by program staff; or track emergency withdrawals.

AFI Annual Reports

Generating AFI annual reports with only a few clicks. IDAX checks the consistency of data, identifies cases that include missing information and creates reports based on existing templates.

ORR IDA Data Reports

ORR IDA data reports allows ORR IDA grantees to generate their quarterly reports in a just a few seconds.